There Were Robot Pandas On This Morning And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

Holly, are you... are you alright?

Things you expect to see on This Morning: X Factor rejects hosting maternity wear segments. People who are deathly afraid of baked beans being forced to eat baked beans. Katie Hopkins arguing in favour of gout. Phillip Schofield laughing at Gino D'Acampo's accent for a full five minutes.

Things you don't expect to see on This Morning: Holly Willoughby cradling a robot panda.

But that's what you got if you tuned into this morning's edition, where Philly and Holly tenderly caressed some terrifying anamatronic pandas.

Something very unsettling about that, wasn't there? Let's look at the pandas, which are set to be moved into the zoos of Chessington World of Adventures, again...

Mortifying. Absolutely mortifying. May God have mercy on our souls.


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