There's A Game Of Thrones Political Party And You Can Select Their Candidate

Who will you vote for?

In case you weren't sick of elections this year (and who isn't?) there's now another one to throw into the mix. Though, to be fair, this one sounds kickass.

It looks like the team behind Game of Thrones is as unhappy with the choices people have been given as everyone else is, because they've put together a Game of Thrones Party and are now choosing their candidate.

Surprisingly (kind of), Littlefinger is currently ahead in the polls. Maybe that has more to do with the fact that his running mate is Sansa? We have no idea.

In any case, before you decide who to give your support to, make sure you check out these sweet campaign ads (plus their slogans).

Daenerys Targaryen & Tyrion Lannister - "Break the Wheel"

Petyr Baelish & Sansa Stark - "The Game"

Jon Snow & Lyanna Mormont - "Serve the People"

Cersei Lannister & Qyburn - "Power is Power"

Not happy with the candidates that have put themslves forward? TOUGH SHIT. This is democracy. You should be used to it by now.

Once you've sorted who you're going to back, put your vote behind them at the GOT Party - the candidate will be announced on 1 September.

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