There's A New NAKED Restaurant Coming To London

Not only the chicken will be stripping

Drop your plans, because this summer is all about the pop-up restaurant.

First, the Hello Kitty cafe was announced - a tea room which will offer themed cakes and biscuits as well as Hello Kitty merchandise for all hardcore fans, and now, The Bunyadi will be coming to town - a restaurant featuring natural bamboo partitions, candlelight, and home-grown ingredients.

Nothing unusual about that, right?

Well here's the twist - you'll have to dine NAKED. OK, it won't be compulsory, as you'll have the choice of a naked and non-naked section, but we think if you're going to make the visit then you might as well go all in, right?

The waiting list is currently 9,684 people strong, so good luck trying to get a booking.

For those of you who don't get to go, we reckon sitting butt naked in your living room, chomping on a range of organic vegetables and surrounding yourself with candles and chunks of wood does a pretty good job of mimicking the experience.

This is how the restaurant is likely to be laid out. Those logs don't look too comfy - that's just asking for major bum splinters.

More plans for the seating area. At least it looks like you'll be able to enjoy some privacy.

There will be all the COCKtails you want at this bar (we're so sorry).

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