There's A New Trump Meme Doing The Rounds And It's Just Amazing TBH

So *that's* what POTUS Googles...

Einstein once wrote that while World War 3 may be fought with nuclear weapons, World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones. Sure, that might have sounded clever back in the black & white TV times, but honestly Eino that sounds stupid AF. Any child with an iPad could tell you not a single nuke will be fired when the Earth is next consumed by the unstoppable horrors of war. The next wars will be fought with memes.

From Joe Biden to Bee Movie, memes are an unstoppable force hell bent on assimilating every aspect of society into their highly-shareable hegemony. They make heroes and villains of us all, and will take no prisoners when they set their sights on their next targets, and boy oh boy do we have a target for you.

It all started with a simple, #relatable tweet by Kellyanne Conway, a leading Republican pollster and campaign manager, featuring a certain future President, Donald Trump.

But this was not the end of it. As sure as night follows day, paper covers rock, and Paul Blart saves the day, the memes started rolling in, and believe us, readers, they are spicy.

So we picked out a few of our favourites for your viewing pleasure... enjoy!


God bless us, every one.

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