There's A Ross Geller 'Rate My Professor' Page And It's Perfect

"Loved this professor. Only thing is he gave us homework when we were on a break."

Rate My Professors is a weird and wonderful place where students go to, well, rate their professor, obviously. This includes points for teaching as well as for hotness, which seems a little inappropriate, but why not.

But best of all, anyone can add a professor, and some genius out there has created a profile for Ross Geller, Professor in the Paleontology department at New York University.

Comedy Central/Friends

That's right, you can jump online and rate your favourite friend's teaching skills. A heap of people already have, since the page seems to have been up there for a while.

Turns out Ross has a 3.8 average rating - not too shabby! And he gets a chilli for hotness, well played indeed.

But the comments are where it's at.

Some just went for straight facts

Others went for classic Friends references

This person just nailed it

While this one was just thirsty

And, of course, there were an incredible number of references to breaks

Congrats on the ratings, Ross! It doesn't get you to the top of the country, but it's pretty damn good.

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