There's A Secret Harry Potter Confession Hidden In Kanye's Tweets


It's pretty hard to keep up with Kanye's twitter lately. First he has beef with Amber Rose, then Taylor Swift, then his bank balance, and then, inexplicably, the creators of textbooks. Cool. 

But what if there was an underlying thread beneath these tweets (other than "Kanye's a bit nuts, ain't he?"). Well, there just might be. 

The folks over at CollegeHumor have deciphered a secret message hidden in Kanye's ramblings. By taking the first letter of his tweets, they have revealed the shocking statement: "I AM LORD VOLDEMORT".

We should probably point out that they took his tweets out of order to make the message, but still. STILL. Kanye is totally an evil wizard. It explains basically everything.

Well, except the $53 million debt. Not much can explain that.