There's Now A Google Maps War To Change Trump Tower To Dump Tower

You just know it would genuinely annoy him.

Civil resistance against the incoming Trump regime has already begun, and one early tactic is incredibly, and hilariously, petty.

Yep, some bold Google Maps enthusiasts have taken to the web to change the name of Trump's New York skyscraper from 'Trump Tower' to 'Dump Tower'. Because if he's going to be a petulant child, why shouldn't his opponents?

According to Pedestrian this move kicked off a war with Trump supporters, who moved swiftly to change the name to 'Trump the Great Tower'. Is this meant to be an 'Alexander the Great' situation, or are they implying that Trump himself is a Great Tower? No one can really know, and either way it's moronic, so.

From what we can see on Google Maps currently, the situation has been resolved and it's back to the original 'Trump Tower'.

Look, this isn't going to stop Trump. But given how much of a man-child he is, you just know it will at least piss him off. Which is some consolation in these dark times.

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