There's Now A 'Realistic Barbie' For Boys, Too

Ken you believe it?

Remember Lammily, the realistic Barbie doll with spots, strechmarks, and actual thighs? Here's a refresher:

Well Lammily's creator Nickolay Lamm (aha, we knew there had to be a reason for the weird name) has now created a realistic Ken, invenitvely called 'Boy Lammily'. 

And we don't want to poop on the party or anything, BUT WHERE IS HIS LEG HAIR?

Lamm has raised $18,000 so far via crowdfunding to create Boy Lammily, which is created according to the proportions of the average 19-year-old man.


The doll aims to spread body-positivity, with the creator claiming "he may not have a sixpack, but he has a fantastic sense of humour". No offence, Nickolay, but we're not sure you've got your head around this whole "inanimate object" thing.

Anyway, it's all clearly fantastic for little boys and girls everywhere, and we're thrilled.

But, about that leg hair?

Get back to us, okay.

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