There's Now A World Map That Points Out Fantastically Rude Place Names

Meet you at Butthole Lane.

Britain is a filthy wonderland, filled with place names like Cockfosters. But did you know the rest of the world also has some rude AF streets and alleyways?

Oh, yes, there are some absolutely disgusting places out there, and it's beautiful. And lucky for all of us, the team at Marvellous Maps have hunted them down.

In Europe and Africa, we find such glorious locales as Golden Balls, Horny Bar and, of course, Fucking.

When we turn our eye to North and South America we are welcomed by Dutch Oven Lane, Bum Bum, and a town called Dildo, which we have previously featured.

And finally, we move south, greeted by a veritable treasure trove of filth. Intercourse Island, Butt Street, Big Knob Waterhole, they're all there. And alongside them, Anus, Bullshit Hill and Puke.

We love it. We can't get enough of it. And we're sure you love it, too.

If you're super keen, you can even buy your own copy of the map. You'll never want for hilarious place names again.

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