There's Now An Art Show Of One Direction Erotica, Thanks World

It's pretty in-zayn.

Prepare to have your last scrap of faith in humanity destroyed: there is now an art exhibition based on erotic One Direction fan fiction.

Featuring such delights as the sculpted pregnant belly of Harry Styles and the band members with dog dicks (yeah, you read that right), the installation by London artist Owen G Parry takes place at Jerwood Space, Union Street, London, until February 21.

Everything featured is inspired by fiction and artwork created by the band's fans. This means an abundance of "Larry Stylinson" pieces - i.e. work that depicts a romantic relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Stick that on an art GCSE and end it all. 

Parry himself loves Larry, saying: “They’re just presenting the normal ideals of a relationship but Harry's pregnant... They get married, they have kids, but actually it’s really subversive."

Cool. Yep. Sure. 

"Fandom is a space where anything can happen," he says. "We might go back to a genuine passion in art.” 

Totally. Check out some more incredibly... erm, passionate, One Direction fan art below.