There's Something Strange About Monica's Apartment That We Only Just Noticed

Did you spot it?

There aren't many plot holes and inconsistencies in Friends, and those that do exist can be difficult to spot. For example, who among us can claim to have noticed that the view from Monica's kitchen window was constantly changing over the ten seasons?

(Side note: if you answered 'Me me me!' then please, treat yourself today).

Well Rachel Paige over at HelloGiggles did notice. To expose the constantly changing window scene, we've rounded up some pictures that prove that Monica's apartment can clearly walk around. See, not a plot hole. Just a previously unmentioned sci-fi element. It's all good here.

See, sometimes she's looking out onto a brick wall... 

And sometimes there's a window accross from her...

And sometimes there's two... 

Ocassionally there's a balcony too, but it definitely moves up and down.

What's more, in the beginning, her apartment must have been super high up, because there was a cityscape view... 

But later on, there was NOTHING AT ALL to see. 

Perhaps the weirdest part of all is that there's a window at all, considering we know there is a corridor and stairwell directly next to this wall in the building. 

How can we go on living, knowning what we now know?*

*Pretty easily actually. See you guys later, kk.