There's Tinder For Orangutans Now, Because Of Course

Bet they get a date faster than you do, too.

Its hard to get inside the mind of an Orangutan. After all, they can't speak our language, and fling poo around in response to pretty much anything.

So how are we meant to determine who they fancy, and set them up on a hot date?

Dutch researchers have developed Tinder for rangas, and it's working.

‘After seeing the photos, the monkeys have to push a button on the screen,’ the park said. ‘In this way we can measure their capacity for reaction.’

Orangutans and bonobos at the Apenheul Primate Park near the central town of Apeldoorn are being shown pictures of other apes, and researchers then evaluate their responses – from neutral to aggressive.

When it becomes obvious who is taking each ranga's fancy, the keepers will arrang a meet up - hoping that sparks will fly and they'll mate for lyf.

Initial results indicate that bonobos, an endangered ape species, react most strongly to photos showing positive behaviours, such as sexual activity or searching for lice. NICE.

‘The study shows that primates pay attention to the emotions of their peers,’ the park said. ‘We now know, for example, that bonobos use body language to recognise emotions.’

It was all going well until one orangutan called Samboja, a young female, destroyed a tablet showing potential suitors. We know exactly how she feels, tbh.