30 Funniest Optical Illusions On The Internet, Fact

For the love of God, put some clothes on!

The internet's obsessed with optical illusions these days. If you're not trying to guess the difference between a curled up puppy and a bagel, or squinting until you pass out at random social media posts from prominent TV stars*


Here's a throwback to make you smile. What a hole decided the world no longer needed these?!?! 🤓90s kid #TheShallows

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

*Goddamn you, Blake Lively

Then you're lolling at some perfectly-timed photograph, or another.

The latter kind are our favourites - ain't nobody got time for Where's Wally in 2016 - we got avocado toast to make and Game Of Thrones to catch up on/watch for the first time if you're a Comedy Central writer, apparently - but laughing at other people is ALWAYS high on our to do list.

Here's 30 of the funniest optical illusions on the internet - you know what to do.

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