These Chicken-Shaming Photos Make Your Puppy Look Well-Behaved

"I eat cat turds."

You've heard of dog-shaming, right? CALM DOWN PETA, IT'S JUST A BIT OF FUN, LOOK:

See? Harmless. Anyway. Where were we. Oh yeah, chickens. Now we are shaming chickens.

The naughty little peckers get up to some seriously dumb shit, according to their owners (who we found on a Facebook group called Punk Rock Homesteading - where you can find lots of pictures PETA wouldn't be as happy about).

The people who clean their coops and put up with their squawking want you to know that they can be little (chicken) shits to look after.  

Check out these dumb-ass animals, too - someone gave 'em a Snapchat filter and OH, SO CUTE:

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