These Comic Strips Perfectly Capture Life With A Dog

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they can also be a pain in the arse.

Everyone knows that sharing your life with a dog (or any pet for that matter) is a double-edged sword.

You get floofs and snuggles and unconditional love, of course. And there’s the companionship. And you're even grateful for the forced exercise from walking the damn thing every day. Twice a day. 

But there’s also the mess, the hair that gets EVERYWHERE, the disconcerting way they seem to stare into your soul - and let’s be honest, the neediness is a problem for commitmentphobes, too. 

It’s complicated.

Thankfully, artist Rupert Fawcett feels your pain. And even better, he’s captured all those feelings with Off The Leash, a series of absolutely adorable cartoons that will speak to dog lovers and owners everywhere. And even even better, you can buy his art.

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