These DIY Pokémon Go Players Are Brilliantly Tragic

It's not available in every country yet.

It feels like everyone is attached to their phone screen right now, waiting for the sweet vibration that says there's a Charizard close by. Well, everyone except Canada.

Not every country can play Pokémon Go just yet - and fans are having to improvise. A lot.

Wannabe trainers are so desperate to play they're creating hilariously tragic DIY games. We're not laughing at their pain, but come on, that shit's funny:

Tragic, really. But completely hilarious.

replicagaming via reddit

We're not laughing, you're laughing.

triagepony via imgur

We admire their dedication to the cause.

Elijahod via imgur

OK, this one'spretty pathetic.

Emilianne via imgur

Good luck and god speed, trainers. When you *can* download it, your lives will be changed forever.

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