These Elaborate ‘The Sims’ Torture Chambers Will Awaken Your Inner Psycho

I want to play a game.

There's two ways to play The Sims: nicely, and horribly. You can give the people in your charge a nice life, with a nice house and a nice job, or you can set them on fire, or put them in the pool and 'forget' to build a ladder. Most of us took the second option, and everyone else who didn't is a liar.

But there's a whole other world of cruelty in The Sims. For some people it's not enough to set a baby on fire; they need to build an entire complex for setting babies on fire. There's a small community of people making these, er, charming installations. These are just a few of their creations.

First up, here's Milton

He's a normal, if lonely guy

But Milton has a secret

A special place he likes to go

Where all his friends are always there

It's good to be Milton

You can read the full story of Milton here, if you're morbidly curious enough. 

Or how about The Tale of the Sweatshop Family?

They all live happily (...) in this lovely bunker

While the slave master lives in this shabby old mansion

The slaves work hard every day, making art and selling art for the family

While the slave master has to deal with abject luxury

 And yes, all the slaves are dressed as hot dogs

It's a dreadful place

For some

See more of The Sweatshop Family here, you sadistic freak, you.

Not enough for you, eh? How about a fully-functioning prison?

Every door is locked and only the warden may open them

The prisoners have their bunks

The warden has their house

And the prisoners work in the garden

And they work hard. All day, every day. Wait, you want proof? Alright, here you go, scumbag.

Last, and most depraved of all, the working slave plantation

Here's the house staff

Here are the slaves

And there they are, working the fields

If you're not sure how you should be feeling, a balance between being impressed at the level of detail and revulsion at the subject matter sounds about right. For further revulsion, check out the full set here.

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