Behold! The Best Friends Intro Parodies On The Internet

Harry Potter will always be there for you when the rain starts to pour.

Every hardcore Friends fan knows the show's intro by heart, pretty much frame by frame. The duck-feeding, the silly dancing, and the jumping in the fountain - we can all immediately replay it in our heads as we please.

But there's a whole new world of Friends intro parodies and remakes most of you have probably not discovered yet. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered.

Ever wondered what the intro would sound like without the theme song?


The only thing that could improve Friends? Pugs, obviously.


Well, and maybe hamsters.


This rebooted version is strangely accurate...


Behold a weirdly creepy GTA V version.


The Always Sunny In Philadelphia crew did a great job too.


These kids from Elon University surely do know how to have fun.


There's... There's also this creation.


And the One Direction one.


And finally, don't worry - Harry Potter will always be there when the rain starts to pour too.

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