These Ghost-Hunters Got A Sexy Shock While Walking In The Woods

It was white as a sheet…

Odds are that, sadly, when you go on a “ghost-hunting” walking tour, the weirdest things you’ll encounter are the people – that’s just a fact. As much as we wish ghosts were real (would love to see Bowie’s post-life phase), most times anyone hunting for the supernatural will come up empty handed.

But, thrillingly, for a group of tourists in Hull, they came across something a little out of the ordinary… a porno shoot in a graveyard.

Wiki / Reddit

YEP. An entire group of tourists went walking in the woods, hoping to spot a few ghosts (as you do), only to walk right through a supernatural sex fest!

According to ghost guide (coolest job title ever), Mike Covell, "It was the couple who saw us first. They were going at it like knives among the ivy. She was a blonde.

"We looked at her and she looked at us. Then she pushed the bloke off her. The guy ran after her desperately trying to protect his privates from the brambles."

TBF at least it gave the group of tourists something to take a picture of – ghosts are notoriously hard to capture on film. Plus, it’ll make an incredible story for the grandkids, or an interesting search filter on PornHub.

We hope the group gets compensated for their cameo!

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