Twitter Users Name The Goddamn Cringiest Movies They Can't Help But Adore

Pierce Brosnan... singing. Unforgivable.

We've all marveled over cinematic excellence throughout history. 

Citizen Kane, White Ribbon, Schindler's List - you name it, we've discussed it over a pompous dinner to appear smart and in control... 

"Yes, Spielberg's artistic integrity remains fully intact, Harold! Now, would you please pass the fennel-dusted truffle... " 

Comedy Central

Whilst we all like to think of ourselves as cinematic connoisseurs, it's quite nice, on occasion, to revel in the awfulness of some more... vacuous features. 

And where better to do that than on Twitter with the masses! 

Prince Of Thieves stole our hearts... (soz)

Need any more be said...? 

Anyone else have awful memz of watching this in school?

A fair analysis. 

Jack Black though?!

A classic. 

'I don't even remember it' explains a lot, hun... 


So many suggestions. So little time. We'll put the popcorn on... 

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