These Guys Made Pizza Out Of McDonald's Cheeseburgers, And Now We're Sad

Check-mate, atheists.

Hey, listen up: someone’s made a pizza out of McDonald's cheeseburgers.

Check-mate, atheists.

The beefy behemoth, which has been doing the rounds on many a ‘Lads’ WhatsApp group over the past few days, is the creation of students Aiden Carberry, 26, and Warren Markham, 27, who presumably spend each day of their lives  testing out crazy food hacks and lusting after the sweet, fatty embrace of death.

To create this hell-spawned McMonstrosity, all you’ll need are 10 McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers, 500g of mozzarella, one tube of tomato paste and some pepperoni.

Check out the process below, and remember: people love you. You don’t need to do this.

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