These Reactions To The Your Face Or Mine Love Island Special Are HILARIOUS

We gave the people what they wanted.

How SAVAGE is Your Face or Mine?

Comedy Central

Jimmy Carr having fun!

We mean, it's a show that LITERALLY makes us die with laughter... evil laughter... laughter so bad we feel like there's a one way ticket to hell reserved JUST for us.

But last week this savagery was taken to a WHOLE new level.

Love Island's star couple, Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood, took to the sofa last Wednesday and boy... SO. MUCH. WENT. DOWN.

Here's the internet's BEST reactions to the drama:

We think it's 50/50!

True. Also Katherine and Jimmy.

Brutal and proud.

When it's so good you have to stalk.

Their chemistry is FIRE.

Happy to provide the people with what they need.

We don't think Olivia thought it was very fair...

Do it for the comedy, guys.

No comment, Chris?

Classic Jimmy.

Yeah. This was an episode NOT to be missed.

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