These Rejected Revolutionary Petitions Could Have Saved The Human Race


You've got to love a petition now every now and then.

Nothing says 'I care about animals' like incessantly begging second cousins and peers from Year 8 physics to sign your plea to save the bees on facebook. 

But like anything, for some people, once they start, they can't stop. 

This has led to an epidemic of petition excess. Many of which, unfortunately (or otherwise) end up rejected. 

Don't get too sad about this discovery. For there is now a WHOLE twitter page dedicated to dismissed appeals.

Now we understand why some are just not meant to be. 

Too much of a good thing...

'Kanye is GOD' does not constitute reasonable, Kevin. 

Whatever happened to dictionaries? 

The most underprivileged group. 

Actually, we're down for this. 

Petition for Comedy Central to be Channel Of The Year, anyone? 

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