These Students Win Wads Of Cash If They Work Hard At School

Where were these incentives when we did our exams?!

If your teacher had offered you wads of cash to actually concentrate at school and pass your exams, you might have done it, right?

You might not have spent the whole time playing suck and blow under the 'drinking tree' with Rob from Double Science, and you might not be saddled with two of his kids and a mortage right now. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Carpenter (and while we're at it, thanks for nothing, Rob from Double Science).

Hard-working teenagers in Zhejiang province, China have been given the gift of hope and prospects (that's cold hard cash to you and I) thanks to savvy teachers. WHUT.

Photos on Chinese social media showed star students posing with bundles of money amounting to eight million yuan (£930,000), according to China's Huanqiu publication.

The school’s principal, Lin, defended the rewards (some people thought they were a bad idea. IDIOTS) and said he hoped they would encourage top performing students to apply to the school. After paying off the yearly 30,000 yuan (£3,482) tuition fee at their private school (we knew there had to be a catch), the students can keep rest of the money.

‘Students’ focus will be shifted to money, these students might end up being corrupted officials,’ a user on Chinese site said.

Another added: ‘They now study to earn money. It is hard for them to concentrate on academic study in the future,’

Right. Because the real world, outside of school, that they're all working towards thriving in, DEFINITELY DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND MONEY AND THE THINGS YOU NEED TO BUY WITH IT. 

Brb, moving to China.

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