These Terrifying Ouija Board Costumes Just Won Halloween, No Contest

Summon the best costume at the party

Another Halloween, another slew of sexy 'dead' cats and idiots with sheets on their heads demanding high calorie freebies, else they'll wreck your front porch.


g o o d b y e inspired by @fourfires and @bangtsikitsiki » using @sugarpill pro palette, @suvabeauty liner in grease, @katvondbeauty liner in neruda

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To celebrate this lovely holiday, we thought we'd show you the only costume worth trying.


O U I J A F O R T U N E T E L L E R I've been super excited to do this look for a few weeks now! (Yes that's a prosthetic eye, I bought from the Spirit Halloween store.) I decided to test the waters a little bit by making a fake bruised eye, and using prosthetics and fake blood for this look, and I think this came out pretty decent for being the first time lol. ________________ Products used: @makeupforeverofficial flash palette @morphebrushes picasso palette @anastasiabeverlyhills brow pomade in dark brown @mywunderbrow brow gel in black/brown @glitterinjections glitter in dose of shine @colourpopcosmetics liquid lip in LAX @katvondbeauty ink liner in trooper (for hand tattoos) @spirithalloween prosthetic eye @mehronmakeup spirit gum @bennyemakeup scab blood (for letters and words)

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A homemade Oujia board.


I swear, I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to, well I guess it's not. #Ouija

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On your chest.

SURE you might summon the devil into your actual body.

SUUUURE you might never be the same again.

But you'll suuuuure win 'Best Costume' at the party tonight - and that's all that matters, right?

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