9 Things That Unbelievably Have The Same Age Gap As Cheryl And Liam

Liam and a baby, for starters.

So now you've heard the news. Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are officially an item, despite one being 22 and the other 32 (no prizes for guessing which is which).

Instagram / Liam Payne

In fact, the age difference is such that this is what the pair looked like when they first met:


But who are we to judge? You go girl. You go boy. Like actual boy. Child. 

Sorry, we got distracted. This isn't The X Factor: we're not here to judge, no. Ten years is actually barely an age difference at all, especially compared to some old-men-young-women celeb couples. 

Still, a hell of a lot can happen in ten years. To prove it, here are some things with the same age gap as Lieryl. Cheram? Whatever their couple's name is. Prepare to be, if not amazed, at least mildly rattled. 

Marilyn Monroe & Pope Francis 

Wikimedia Commons

Marilyn would've been ten years older than the Pope, as she was born in 1926 and he 1936. Think about that when you kiss Cheryl goodnight, Liam. 

The Nokia 3310 & the iPhone 4

Wikimedia Commons

It's like looking at a picture of the lovers themselves. 

The last use of the guillotine in France & the invention of disposable contact lenses

Wikimedia Commons


Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith & Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

Wikimedia Commons

Cheryl was 21 when Episode 3 came out. Liam was 11. That's cool though. That's fine. 

This 10-year-old & this 20-year-old 

Wikimedia Commons

Glad these two aren't dating, honestly. 

These Heelys & this Swegway

Wikimedia Commons

Time: the more it passes, the shitter things become. 

The Game Boy Pocket & the Nintendo DS

Wikimedia Commons

Cheryl is the Game Boy. Liam is the DS. It's poetic. 

This Miley Cyrus & this Miley Cyrus 

Wikimedia Commons

How the mighty fall. 

This picture of Hitler & the first McDonalds opening 

Wikimedia Commons

Facts: you can't argue with them.