This Windows 95 Themed Instagram Is The Ultimate Nostalgia-Trip

90s 4evah.

Guys, it's time for a trip down memory lane... 

Nostalgia is the juice that millennials run on, this much we know.

The only way we're trawling through the perpetual shitshow that is 2018 is the occasional rest stop in memory town, filling up on amazing photos from our favourite old movies, finding out how badly our favourite child actors have aged in the last 20 years, or in this case, checking out what Instagram would have looked like in the style of Windows 95.

Russian animator Misha Petrick went back in time for her latest 'Instagram.exe' project, imagining what our favourite 21st Century app would have looked like if our parents were checking it at work.

‘I made these GIFs because I wanted to make modern kids look at Instagram the way I saw things at that age,’ Petrick told The Creators Project.

Look how filters, notifications, and uploads would work in the operating system! SO. CHUNKY. 

'We are all kids of the 90s and Windows 95 was really cool for us, just like Instagram is cool for children today. The humour comes from the mismatch of these two things.’

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