This Adorable Rabbit Cafe Will Make Your Heart Thumper

Waiter! Waiter! There's a hare on my plate.

Waiter! Waiter! There's a hare in my food!

A terrible dad joke we all *hope* we wouldn't make at a rabbit cafe - but know deep down we would. 

That's right, tired of cat hair in cappuccinos, some legend in Hong Kong has built a cafe that lets you chow down on sandwiches and hot beverages surrounded by fluffy bunnies.

Checking out Rabbitland's website, the first thing you see is a cute bunny. Obvs.

The second thing you see is a polite notice saying "Please wear socks, or buy from us $10 a pair". Intriguing. 


#rabbitland #hongkong #cafe - maybe we should also open a cafe in sg ....display doudou and roadie to earn money .. just kidding

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Upon further inspection, it seems the whole affair is cute *and* sanitary - guests take their shoes off at the door. Presumably not to squish any loose bunnies into fox kibble, but maybe because the owners *really* want to sell their new sock line.


早晨~ 我係治癒系 #麵包 ~ 🐰 快啲黎捉我啦 💕 #catch#rabbit#pokemon#rabbitland#cafe#boy#lover

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The cafe is the brainchild of three young guys who became obsessed with bunnies following a visit to Okunoshima, Japan's famous 'rabbit island'. YES, THERE IS A RABBIT ISLAND IN JAPAN. NO, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN YET. YES YOU ARE A FOOL.

Better book that plane ticket.

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