This Artist Makes Dolls That Are Incredibly Realistic... And Creepy

Like, really, really creepy.

A Russian artist’s hand-painted dolls have gone viral because of how realistic they are. Oh, and they’re super creepy, too. So maybe that has something to do with it (it definitely does).

The dolls are made from a special type of modelling clay, with glass eyes and mohair wigs. They’re super realistic looking and we’re slightly terrified that they come alive at night.

His Instagram page is full of his creations, from the finished result, to the very first stages of shaping their scary little heads.


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Seriously, we do not recommend looking at his Instagram page before going to sleep. You will 100% have nightmares.

It's weird because the dolls are so incredibly detailed and well made... but also REALLY SCARY. We're confused about how to feel.