This Artist Sculpts Incredible Celebrity Portraits Out Of Rice Krispies

Oh snap (crackle, and pop).

There's only one thing it's worth doing with Rice Krispies, and it ain't eating them (especially after we reported a factory worker was caught peeing on them last month). 

No, the only thing worth doing with your old R-Ks is forming them into a delicious rendering of Kim Kardashian's crying face. 

Student Jessica Siskin has done just that, and sculpts incredible cereal portraits on her Instagram Mister Krisp.

"When I realized that food coloring could be added to the side-of-the-box recipe, I felt an immediate and overwhelming impulse to make a Rice Krispies Treats cheeseburger," she wrote on her website.

"I brought my creation to work the next day, where people freaked out before devouring it; I posted a photo of my creation on Instagram, where my ex liked it and I freaked out."

As you would, natch. Jessica then started making a wide variety of sculptures, which take between 40 minutes and two hours each to create. 

Check out our favourites below. 

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