This Bedroom Prank Is The Most Ingenious Thing You'll See Today

We all need friends like these

Imagine coming home after some time away, only to find that your friends have pretty much forgotten about you and converted your bedroom into a tiny closet. That's exactly what happened to Reddit user sal_marin. Left dumbfounded by the transformation, Sal uploaded photos of the prank for all to see, and it sure gives the Impractical Jokers a run for their money.

Made entirely of cardboard, the closet features some nice touches including a broom and dustpan, a ceiling light, a saw and a stack of egg boxes, for some reason.

Sal makes use of the saw to cut through into his bedroom, like a reverse version of The Shawshank Redemption.

The view from inside the bedroom shows how much effort and DIY skill was involved in the making of this brilliant prank.

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