This Kid Can't Get A Girlfriend Because He Looks Too Much Like Ed Sheeran

He's stuck between a rock star and a hard place.

You'd think simultaneously looking like the biggest pop star on the planet AND the hottest ginger on God's green earth would help you find a lover, no problem. But Ty Jones, a kid from Sale in Manchester, discovered the opposite when his doppelganger Ed Sheeran got famous.

"When Ed became really famous I had people always coming up to me and talking to me and wanting my picture - it was crazy."

Sound good to us. This unique talent would help you get ALL the ladies, amiright? Wrong, actually.

"...It's like I can't escape it, people go mad when they think they're meeting Ed Sheeran," Jones said.

"It's made my relationships worse I'd say because now I have to weigh up if they like me for me or if they're just interested in me because I'm the next best thing to Ed if they really like him."

Nooo, Ty, don't be silly, we love you for who you are. But if you *could* sing Lego House one more time, that'd be awesome...

"When girls ask me for pictures in the streets it's annoyed some of my girlfriends in the past and caused problems," Jones said. "It's hard to explain because it's not like I can help it and I don't like being horrible to people and deny them a picture if they want one."

Stuck between a rock star and a hard place isn't he, really. Before you feel too sorry for him, the shock of red hair on Ty's head has seriously done him some favours - he's regularly given freebies, is invited on stage at gigs and yes, he's met Ed himself.

"Meeting Ed has been the highlight in all of this, he was so down to earth and just so shocked at how much I looked like him, it was really funny."

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