This Brochure Against Raising Taxes Uses The Worst Logic In The World

You just can't argue with pizza.

Nobody likes taxes, okay? But what we do like are roads, and hospitals, and teachers who aren't dead yet from being overworked. Alive teachers are the best.

Which is why most of us dutifully pay our taxes, behave ourselves, and get on with our lives.

But not the makers of the Worst Brochure In The World™. They hate taxes, they hate teachers, and they love... pizza? 

The picture was uploaded to Reddit by user GodofNipple (we bow down to you, oh mighty one). 

So remember, tell the board of supervisors: "NO TAX INCRASE!". I mean, they won't know what that means, because that definitely isn't a word, but it's what pizza wants you to do. And you wouldn't argue with pizza, would you?

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