This Child's Brutally Real Homework Is All The Motivation You Need Today


There's nothing better on a Wednesday morning than laughing at children. Sorry, sorry, with children. Which is why we're pleased to announced the latest piece of a child's homework to go viral, this brutally honest answer to drawing themselves aged 100. 

"Most of the kids drew long hair/beards," the parent and Redditor Kaydenmacg wrote. "My son, coffin."

And if you really think about it, isn't this motivational? Doesn't it tell us that no matter how screwed up primary school teachers are (WHAT KIND OF ASSIGNMENT IS THIS, SERIOUSLY?), and no matter how many lies people tell us (don't give children unrealistic lifespan expectations, yo) - in the end we will all die. And isn't that, deep down, a really comforting thought?

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