This Computer Program Created A Whole New Friends Script And It’s Absolutely Mental

Jean-Claude Van Damme: "I'll go in a crap".

When Friends co-writer Marta Kauffman slammed the lid on returning to the series last week, we were bummed out to the max.

That was, until we realised that we didn’t need her. In fact, we didn’t need anyone – because according to this tweeter, a computer program could breathe new life into the show yet.

Cartoonist @_Pandy “fed a recurrent neural network with the scripts for every episode of friends and it learned to generate new scenes."

Now, we haven’t got a clue what that means either – but here’s the evident jist: a computer program randomly generated new Friends scenes from previous scripts, and they are equal parts baffling and awesome.

Not only are the storylines engaging and hilarious, but they also feature Jean-Claude Van Damme uttering the immortal line: "I'll go in a crap".

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