This Creepy Note Is The Worst Case Of Nice Guy Syndrome We've Ever Seen

Warning: so nice. So, so nice.

You know the difference between nice guys and Nice Guys™, right? The former are just friendly, lovely people, whilst the latter go around telling everyone how nice they are, and expecting women to have sex with them in return. 

Although there doesn't yet seem to be a cure for the devestating disease that is Nice Guy Syndrome, awareness is being raised every single day. And what better way is there to raise awareness than via this horrifying note, which Tumblr user Elffanatic uploaded recently. 

Yeah, about helping us "be less afraid of the world"? That duct tape isn't helping. Neither does writing "scum" in bold and italics. In fact, brb, off to buy pepper spray. 

Thankfully, some absolute hero posted a reply, explaining all the problems with the initial letter. 

So remember kids: be nice. Just don't expect anything in return. 

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