This Dad Sent A Dick Pic To His Entire Snapchat, Including His Daughter

Very, very unhappy Valentine's Day.

Eugh. Uuuuh. Hhhhhnnng.

Listen, we want to tell you about the dad who accidentally sent a dick pic to all of his contacts as part of a Snapchat Story instead of to his wife, but we can't. We just can't. It hurts too much.

Let's look at this gif of a baby polar bear to calm down. 

Okay. Phew. Good.

So what happened was, 18-year-old Robyn Millen was enjoying her Valentine's Day when she received the snap from her dad.

Robyn Millen

Thankfully, thankfully, PRAISE THE LORD THANKFULLY, he had emojis covering the worst of his naughty bits. 

When she text him revealing the news, he acted sort of... we don't know, NOT APPROPRIATELY HORRIFIED? Like is it just us or does he seem kind of pleased? Gross.

Robyn Millen

Anyway, the images have since gone viral and everyone has learnt a very important lesson and no one will send dick pics ever again. RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT?