This Dark Wall-E Fan Theory Will F**k You Right Up

What *are* the humans drinking...

Disney may be famous for making some of the best kids' films of all time, but they're also pretty infamous for making them adult as fuck.

Between Aladdin telling teenagers to take off their clothes and Donald Duck getting a MASSIVE erection under the covers, the studio does love to shove some dark smut in their movies.


Which got one Imgur user, TechHazard, thinking about something in Wall-E that just doesn't make sense: If the Earth is dead and the spaceship is a closed ecological system, how are the humans still eating?


You ever notice how you only see one classroom, full of around 16 children, on a ship that houses over 2000 people? Or how there aren't really any old people around? Listen, we're not gonna beat around the bush. The "slurm" they're drinking out of their giant sucky cups? It's make of kids and elderly people.


TechHazard's post goes into quite a lot of detail on the theory, but the main thrust is this. At the time of leaving Earth, humans could still harvest food, as shown by the still reasonably fresh fast food packets that litter Wall-E's Earth. But the Axiom has the capability of endlessly producing food. Why wouldn't they have used that system on Earth, instead of using up their natural resources? Simple. They didn't need to yet.

So, there you have it, yet another kids' classic ruined. Thanks, logic.

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