7 Reasons This Friends-Themed London Brunch Rave Couldn't BE More Exciting

Could we BE any more jealous?

Have you ever been stood in a club, and whilst silently stood watching your pals boogie, wished you were at home with some avo toast watching Friends? 

Because same. 

If you enjoy socialising but also 90s sitcoms and food, we've found just the thing to float your boat. 

90s-themed Friends brunch-time rave. Seriously. 

1. It's mysterious AF

Organised by events collective The 90’s Brunch, these parties are held at secret locations across London which you only find out once you've booked. 

They also promise not to murder you in the desolate woodland which is, y'know, nice.

Warner Bros.

2. Fun clothes

Fancy dress is optional but encouraged, so feel free to whip out the blowdryer for your perfect take on 'The Rachel' hair-do... 

3. MUGS. 

Cocktails are served in Central Perk mugs. 

4.The alchohol is bottomless.

Good luck with living your live the rest of the day... 

5. Everyone is smashed.

It's all good to act like a fool, because nobody will be sane enough to remember. 

6. Timings 

Did we mention, like a traditional Brunch, the event is held at 12pm? 

And yes, all of the above still stands. 

7. Your Insta will thank you

90s decor and a big Friends screen? That's one for the theme. 

We want to be there. Now. 

Watch The Best Friends Moments Here: 

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