This Dentist's New Sign Uses Emojis Very, Very Wrongly

And that little girl totally knows.

If there are two things we can safely, honestly, and undeniably say we have never confused, it's poop and toothpaste. Not even that time mam bought us that special herbal one from the market. Not even that time we ate five packs of Wonka Nerds in one sitting. 

But alas, one small town dentist has indeed confused the two - by putting poop in her patient's mouths.

Kidding. Kidding. What she actually did was decorate her new sign with the one, the only, poop emoji. 

And that little girl tottaaaaally knows.

The mistake was uploaded to Reddit by user willardfartmore and its not yet known whether the dentist has realised.

Fun little fact though: the poop emoji was originally ice-cream. And you ruined it. You literally turned it into shit. So think about what you've done. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE. 

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