This Dude Bought A Snorlax Toy Online And Damn, Did He Get A Surprise

His wife wants a divorce.

Everyone loves Pokemon, but once you've seen one plush Pikachu toy, you've seen 'em all. 

To combat this, the Nintendo toy people are getting creative with their merch - making the likes of GIANT Snorlax cuddly toys to dwarf and delight their fans.

This dude didn't get that memo, ordering what he thought were a few regular-size Snorlax toys for his beloved wife.

What he got was this:

And threats of a divorce.

Stopped laughing yet? Us neither. He had to put the damn things up for sale on Carousell (and we're happy to say, they've now gone to new owners. And featherlit is still married, far as we can tell). 

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