This Fan Theory About Harry Potter Being Immortal Is Weirdly Plausible

The boy who lived and will NEVER EVER DIE.

Okay, so, we all know that Haz Pots is the boy who lived, yeah? 

But what if he has managed to make himself immortal? Like, in the never dying sense? What would you say to that?

Because he might have pulled it off.

It all comes down to Tumblr user marauder4evr's theory that Harry managed to make his own horcrux: Fawkes the phoenix.

Because yes, you need to kill something to create a horcrux, but as marauder4evr puts it, "Remember that time little tiny innocent Harry Potter stabbed a gigantic snake? I do!"

"And I think that after he does this, a little piece of his soul jumped ship, merging with Fawkes’ soul."

Interesting. Tell us more.

"Because really, it’s never explained how Harry comes back. There have been a few feeble guesses. This is mine.

"The reason why Harry came back is because he couldn’t die because a piece of his soul was in Fawkes.

"As long as Fawkes is alive, Harry cannot ever truly die."

Wait, if Fawkes is alive? But -

"And now you see the best part of the theory! No matter how much Fawkes dies, he always comes back. Fascinating creatures, phoenixes.

"Fawkes can never die. Which means, if you believe in this theory, that neither can Harry.

"Which means that Harry can never die."

WHAAAAAT. Harry is the boy who lived FOREVER, y'all.

And look, if you think there are any holes in this theory, marauder4eva probably has them covered over on Tumblr. What do you think?

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