This Fan Thinks Sansa Stark Will Become Sansa Snow

Season 7 should be interesting...

If there's one thing the creators of Game Of Thrones ~love~, it's a bit of incest.


Whether it's Targaryen brothers and sisters making babies for millennia, or Cersei and Jaime Lannister playing 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' for a bit too long, there's no denying GRR Martin loves a bit of sibling... affection.

But could House Stark be the next to explore love a bit too close to home?


YouTuber, Alt-Shift X, thinks so!

Taking his evidence from GRR Martin's prequel books, where a Lady Ashford (who resembles Sansa Stark) is fought for by five suitors (who mirror Sansa's in-book relationships), Alt-Shift reckons the young Stark will settle down with a Targaryen.


Seeing as same sex marriage doesn't seem to be legal in Westeros (yet), that leaves us with one, newly-discovered option... Jon "Obviously A Targaryen Are You Stupid" Snow.


Now, obviously, they're not ~actually~ brother and sister, but they're still cousins, so it wouldn't be the perfect genetic match... But then again certain IRL royal families have been doing it for generations, so who are we to judge.

You can watch the whole video below, but whatever happens, let's just hope that Sansa and Jon get the happy endings they deserve... Or, as it's known in Game of Thrones, a quick and easy death.

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