This Friends-Inspired 'Pivot' Tutorial Will Change Your Life


Rose from Titanic hogging the door causing Jack to die, Nemo daring to touch the boat and almost losing his father forever, every character from any horror film who has shouted "HELLO" in the face of danger... 

All of these on-screen travesties were entirely preventable. 

Now, have you ever watched the Friends scene where Chandler, Ross and Rachel fail to carry a sofa up the stairs, causing the funniest (and most ridiculous) situation of the series? 

Like, we've all had to 'PIVOT' after a stressful trip to IKEA. We get it. But surely there was a more efficient method of lifting or twisting or indeed, pivoting... 

Well, feel alone no more. Spareroom has sorted us with this handy guide on HOW to pivot with poise:

With added illustrations, pivotal (pardon the pun) quotes and actually really helpful tips, you might want to stick this one to the wall the next time you feel like you need a furniture re-jig... 

Now PIVOT!!!

Watch The Best Friends Moments Here: 

Here's What The Friends LinkedIn Profiles Would Look Like: 

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