This Friends X Marvel Crossover Will Will Make You Question Everything

We're FINE.

We're about to share a Friends/MCU cross-over that not even the most dedicated fan could spot.

Strap in... 

So Ant-Man and The Wasp have reminded us all that Paul Rudd is a person who exists.

What we still so often forget, is that Paul was a big part of Friends for a long time... 

He played Mike (Phoebe's piano-playing boyfriend and eventual husband). 

We can hear the pennies dropping. 

But that's not all. Put your wig back on and prepare to have it snatched all over again... 

Monica dated Pete Becker, the irritating billionaire.

No? He chose boxing over women, like a voyeuristic misogynist version of Troy Bolton from High School Musical. 


Warner Bros.

Well, it may surprise you to learn that he is Tony Stark's trainer, AKA the eventual head of security, Happy Hogan.

The world is crazy and small. 

We're going to take a nap now... 

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