This Friends-Themed Brunch Is About To Make Your Instagram Incredible

So no one told you BRUNCH was gonna be this GREAT?

 Let's face it. These days, we all love to get a little extra when it comes to brunch. 

"Yes I'll have the artisanal rye-sourdough, topped with lightly smashed avocado and a side of gentrification, if you'd be so kind?" 

Warner Bros.

But it's only going to get better from here, huns. 

Friends. Themed. Brunch. 

Warner Bros.

Featuring cocktails served in oversized coffee mugs and a (frighteningly convincing) replica of THE water fountain, you might as well change your name to Gunther. 

Organised by The 90s Brunch, tickets start from £15 with the event itself being held at a 'secret London location'. 

Should probably bring your best UNAGI... 

Watch The Best Ever Friends Moments Here: 

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