This Fully Functional Pokémon Go Costume Captured Halloween

This is seriously impressive.

If your Halloween costume once again consisted of sexy cats and white sheets with eye holes, look away now.


This year, people went ALL out - but no one more so than this Pokémon superfan, who built a Pokémon Go costume that won't leave him running around car parks alone in the dead of night - rather, chased down the streets by people desperate to play with him.


This year for #halloween it's #pokemongo time. #halloweencostume #halloween2016 #ポケモン #ハロウィン #nintendo

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Like, literally play with him. Spin the Pokéstop, grab a Poké Ball and do their best to snag Pikachu. THIS IS SO FRIGGIN AWESOME WE CAN'T COPE. 

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