This Girl Destroyed A Pervy Guy's Life On Tinder And It's INCREDIBLE

An evil genius in the making.

For many women, Tinder is a sea of unprompted dick pics and out-of-nowhere nude requests.

There are a few ways to deal with these kinds of men: 

1. Ignore them. 

2. Shame them on Twitter.

3. Shit upon all of their hopes and dreams and THEN shame them on Twitter.

Meet third-option-chooser Jwzayn.



After a guy sent a request for a nude selfie (complete with inexplicable cry-laugh Emoji), Jwzayn decided to mess with his head – by sending him a loading screen. And he totally fell for it.


Two cry-laugh Emojis this time - trying to appear very chill while driving 80mph to the town centre, elbowing pensioners out of the way as he leaps into the Carphone Warehouse, cock still hanging out of his jeans - "Do you have Kik?" - of course she doesn't have Kik. He buys two iPhone 6s, just in case.

So he sits and charges his new phones in the corner of the shop, £900 down, and opens Tinder. And then he realises - the wheel is still. THE WHEEL IS STILL.

She's ruined his life – and if you fancy doing the same, Jwzayn has provided a helpful loading screen image.


Go forth and destroy.