This Girl Got Stuck Between Two Rocks Whilst Taking A Selfie

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a...nother rock.

Once upon a time, there was a little rock. He was friends with another rock, and they had big dreams to be rocks together, and it was going pretty well. And then, as often happens, a woman came between them and nothing was the same ever again.

That woman was university student Sevilay K., who spent literal hours trapped between two literal rocks after trying to take a sunset selfie. 

She was walking along the marina in Samsun, Turkey, and climbed up the rocks to snap her selfie. Unfortunately, some fool rang her at the exact same time, meaning she dropped her phone.

When she tried to catch it, she slipped between the rocks and ended up wedged between them.

Two hours, one fire service, and no selfie later, she was free. Sevilay also lost her phone which is a step too far isn't it, universe? Someone have a word with God, if he's actually about.

Anyway, we hope she's fine, apart from the whole humilation thing, and we hope you've all learnt a very important lesson.

Namely: you're comparatively alright, aren't you? Don't be so hard on yourself today. You've earned it. 

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