This Girl Used A Paint Roller To Apply Tan And Probably Wishes She Didn't

She's been Ross'd.

Remember that lesson in primary school, right between "How to make a cube out of pipe cleaners" and "How to catch a green bean bag" called "DON'T TAKE SHORTCUTS, KIDS?"

Well one student must've been off that day, as they've regrettably attempted to apply fake tan with a paint roller. 

Call Aesop, there's a new fable in town.

It all started when a Facebook post by one Amy Ridler went viral, in which the author recommended the "great idea".


Okay so after I put on snapchat (add my snapchat amyridler) how I fake tan everyone has thought it was a great idea ...

Posted by Amy Ridler on Thursday, 4 February 2016

Although it seemed to work for Amy, let our little friend above act as a cautionary tale for us all. Next time, we'll stick to the spray, count, pat, and turn method patented by Ross.